Sunday, 3 October 2010

Druids Now Sanctioned By The State

So Druids have been approved by the State (Charity Commission)

The Druids died out as a force before even the Saxons arrived, they wrote nothing of their belief system or ritual. What is clear from Roman writers is that they acted as Judges,War Leaders and had a secretive hierarchical system, Iron age Mullahs in fact. Aping the Church Of England and creating a spurious belief system in tune with the times is a bit strong. We need another hierarchical religion like a hole in the head.

Revived Druidism in the 19th Century was linked to 19th Century Folk Revival linked with Nationalism and Romanticism, in the late 20th Century it was linked to eco-religion. Lo ! it is now a sanctioned religion.

How long before the Chief Druid is permitted a seat in the House of Lords.

 Nobody should need a state sanctioned intermediary between his/her Gods.


  1. Het gretinges! I've just found your blog following some quite random search. Great to see the old language in use again. I can still read some of it. Now bookmarked so I can browse your archive at my leisure.

    An Anglo-Saxon living in the land of the Wealhas.