Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Magical World of Kit Williams

I greatly enjoyed the programme on the reclusive Kit Williams, this programme concentrated on the work that he has done since Masquerade.

Three Hundred works of such fine detail and sexually powerful in content.

Favourite phrase 'if there has to be a God, let them be fairies.'


  1. I'm sorry I missed this programme - there may be just time to catch it on iplayer.

    I was, however, delighted to catch the radio documentary which traced the publication of the original Masquerade and how the puzzle was solved, and about which Williams gave his first interview for years. There were two broadcasts of it; the first ended the story at the point where the hare was sold to a private collector at auction and had not been seen since.

    After the programme the owner contacted Williams so that by the second broadcast the BBC was able to add a note that Williams had seen his work again. I was delighted; there is something satisfying about the ends of a story joining up in to a circle again.

    The programme was beautifully made, telling the story from the points of view of the publisher and two puzzlers who became obsessed with it and were within a whisker of finding the hare, what happened in the end, and how the hare came in to the hands of the anonymous collector.

    Mysteriously, the programme doesn't seem to be listed on the BBC website, although maybe I'm searching for the wrong thing. That's appropriate too - but if you ever get a chance to hear it, treat yourself to a beautiful treasure hunt.

  2. The phrase "sexually powerful" is itself quite potent.