Sunday, 21 June 2009

What Are Dreams

What are dreams, what function do they serve in our technologically based, unatural insane way of living.

Last week in the quiet of a French village night I had the most powerful and vivid dream, that when I awoke left me still smelling the perfume, still feeling the heat and still feeling the intense emotion.

The situation was in a different time and different place, where different decisions had been made and different conclusions reached in my life.

I was with a young woman I once knew, I was a younger self, but with the knowledge of maturity of middle age. We were in a museum or a Church looking at post Roman Gothic sculpture. I recollect a font, and bright intense light pouring into the room as if the light quality was from Africa.

Turning to her the emotion was overwhelming enough to elicit a passionate kiss,in front of a crowd of onlookers, the last part was the turn of her body towards me showing a sheath of black silk and lace.

This event has never happened nor is ever likely to, but the intensity, the senses that were activated so strongly of smell,touch and look made it so vivid.

I believe that we are all creatures of nature and this must have a function. I have looked up various writers in the recent past and the belief systems of our ancestors, Freud wrote

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